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Too Dead To Swing Home


Conventional wisdom holds that a tale with a female protagonist, especially if it's told in the first-person, must be written by a woman.

But Hal Glatzer defies conventional wisdom.

To write in Katy Green's voice, he created not just a pen name but an author, whom he he calls "Hannah Dobryn,"

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Hal Glatzer is an innovator in mystery fiction, an active member of Mystery Writers of America, and of Sisters In Crime.

His 1979 novel Kamehameha County, a tale of murder and mayhem in Hawaii, was published as a pastiche manila file-folder of newspaper clippings, letters and telex dispatches.

The Trapdoor, published by Paperjacks in 1986, is a paperback thriller about a computer hacker whose identity is stolen by organized crime, and whose only ally is an online pornographer. This, a whole decade before the Internet, identity theft and cyberporn were front-page news.

After Paperjacks folded, he self-published the sequel in one of the earliest "eBook" ventures. Massively Parallel Murder was released in 1992: the first chapter downloadable free from a Web site, and the entire text sold as a book-like (.pdf) file on a floppy disk.

Glatzer knows high-tech, having covered the computer industry as a journalist for twenty years.  But he's an antiquarian at heart: serving as a director of the Art Deco Society of California, playing vintage jazz and Swing on guitar, and curating a collection of sheet music from Broadway and Tin Pan Alley.

Now he has combined all into Too Dead To Swing. He wrote it as an ostensibly unpublished, 1940s novel "by Hannah Dobryn," then adapted it into an audio-play script, and served as executive producer of its production. When editor Meredith Phillips, of Perseverance Press, heard the audio-play, she contacted Glatzer and secured the book rights.  Perseverance published the novel in 2002.

Glatzer also produced the content for this Web site, and for the Web site at, which serves as the theatrical "playbill" for the audio-play.

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