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A Fugue In Hell's Kitchen is the next Katy Green mystery in the series, and will be published in February 2004 by Perseverance Press, the publisher of Too Dead To Swing.

In Too Dead To Swing, band agent Manny Blunt tells Katy that he has checked up on her background, and considers her trustworthy, because the previous year she helped a friend of hers out of a jam.   A Fugue In Hell's Kitchen is the story of that adventure.

It's 1939, and Katy has returned to New York from a strenuous year playing swing on the road, seeking quiet comfort in the traditionally subdued, formal, and insular world of classical music. But that world like the world at large is no longer a restful place.

Katy's friend, Amalia Chen, is teaching at the famous Meyers Conservatory of Music, in Hell's Kitchen New York's toughest neighborhood, where even the police go two-by-two.  But Katy's search for a stolen music manuscript, composed by the infamous virtuoso Paganini, leads her into strange and dangerous places, both physically all over Manhattan and mentally, as she uncovers a shadowy realm of mayhem and madness beneath the music.

Watch for A Fugue In Hell's Kitchen, coming soon, from Perseverance Press.  And meanwhile, please visit its Web site:


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Two short-short stories lead off Hal Glatzer's new "minuscule mystery" series, which can be heard at
Styled in the film-noir, hardboiled private-eye tradition, but told in tongue-twistingly tight text, these minuscule mysteries are the alliterative adventures of Mark Markheim -- a Hollywood hawkshaw, a shamus with a shingle in Tinsel Town.
The first minuscule mystery is A Dead Body's A Deal-Breaker.  It was originally published online in two e-zines: Hardluck Stories and; the former as a narrative, and the latter as an audio-play script, suitable for performance.   That led to its recording by the One-Act Players, of San Francisco.
The second minuscule mystery is Vengeance In Vegas, which was also recorded by the One-Act Players.  A live performance was given in Las Vegas by mystery writers  at Bouchercon, the world's largest mystery convention, in October 2003.  Unfortunately, crowd noise adversely affected the audio quality; however, that recording is also streamed at:



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